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ape survival
ape survival

More and more people are choosing to shop online. In fact, statistics show that 8 out of every 10 Americans have shopped online. I am one of the 8. I find online shopping easy, practical and convenient. When clicking the mouse is all the walking you are doing, then you are bound to compare many products and peruse through others you did not even know about. This is how I bumped into Ape Survival, dealers of everything survival – be it products or educational resources. I was instantly reeled in by their innovative products that come at affordable prices.

Why Ape Survival may benefit you

Though Ape survival may occasionally sound like a doomsday cult when talking of an imminent apocalypse (which they call SHTF event), there is nothing cultish about the cutting-edge range of products and survival information they offer. Imagine a tough backpack with thick heavy duty zippers, and a generous 40L storage capacity but still tiny enough for daily use! Even their informational resources are relevant and practical. For example, the suggestion for you to become a master organizer, because in absolute chaos, those who thrive are the organized, or the article on how best to shower during camping, which made me realize that a trail shower isn’t unnecessary weight. It can enable me to enjoy a hot shower after a day of hiking! Ape Survival’s hardy but convenient innovations will easily enlighten you and add to your ‘must have’ items.


The combat bag

Whose Baby?

Ape survival, founded in 2014, is amongst the most popular outfits on clickbank. It is placed in the Self-Defense category. Its objective is to bring high quality and affordable outdoor products to clients in USA, Australia and Canada.

However, it is not just an online store. It is a community of like-minded people, sharing ideas on family protection, and survival strategies and preparedness. New self-reliance ideas are shared every 3 days. Their US office is situated in Englewood, CO.

So, what makes Ape Survival tick?

Ape survival is organized into these 5 main sections to help anyone quickly locate what they seek:

  • Shop – where purchasing of the various products is facilitated
  • Latest – here, you will find the newest blogs
  • Prepping – all blogs related to preparedness whether it is for something as serious as a virus outbreak, or just the everyday carry (EDC).
  • Self Defense – this is a compilation of self defense blogs whose contents range from cautionary like avoiding accidental shootings and misfires, to defensive like using non lethal means to fight back.
  • Survival Skills – blogs with tips or strategies of surviving different scenarios are contained here. They cover a whole range from the right place to set up camp, to tips on how to survive in a desert.

Other Important Features

Everything contained in the 5 sections is innovative, versatile and resourceful. The shop is however the most alluring because it gives you the opportunity to acquire some of the things that may appeal to you in the blogs. The products are ingenious in their purpose of readying you for any eventuality, be it:

  • A grid down or blackout even
  • Providing for your family no matter what, or
  • Overcoming, adapting, and thriving in any situation

Take the ‘giant tiny’ backpack/combat bag for instance. In addition to size and heavy duty zippers, it is made from durable, thick, 600D polyester. It has among other features, 10 water-proofed compartments – to keep your gear organized and neat, padded shoulders and back – to make you comfortable as you hike, and a chest strap that locks thus making running possible without bouncing the backpack.

Another unique product is the strike pen.

C:\Users\CONNIE\Documents\Ebooks\survival ape.jpg


As the name suggest, this is a pen that doubles up as a weapon – for striking an assailant. It is made from airplane grade aluminum and contains ball-point pen, spare ink, a flashlight, blade, bottle opener, tungsten steel glass breaker/striker, and flat head screw-driver.

Another ingenious product is the Rescue Card, a car-like invention small enough to fit in the wallet, but being able to function as these 16 tools: wide slotted screw driver, ruler, bottle opener, rope cutter, can opener, lanyard hole, saw blade, hex wrench, blade, scrapper edge, butterfly screw wrench, location hole, slotted screw driver, SOS distress codes and help distress codes.

C:\Users\CONNIE\Documents\Ebooks\download (1).jpg

The Rescue Card

I believe you get the drift – all products actually have something amazing.


  • Ingenious products
  • Very hardy and good quality
  • Usually come with bonuses
  • Great customer relations
  • Very fairly priced – sometime given free even
  • Compact and easy to carry


  • Customer service is available 24 hours



Survival Ape products are ingenious, of good quality and affordable. They always double up to work as something else which makes them quite handy. They also are usually compact and easy to carry. All good reasons to consider giving them a try! Check them out!


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