Backyard Liberty Review: Financial Liberty From Your Backyard

Backyard Liberty

Whether you eat to live or you live to eat, the safety of the food you eat is a very touchy subject. I mean, reading of possible effects of GMOs or pesticides we ingest, on our bodies is bound to make anyone antsy. This made me start looking around for cost-effective ways of growing my family’s food, ways that don’t require acres of land that I don’t have. I was therefore pleasantly surprised when I chanced upon Backyard Liberty. I am happy that I took the chance. My family now enjoys fresh fish and groceries right from the backyard. Talk of backyard liberty!

Why Backyard Liberty?

Only you can be concerned enough for your family’s welfare to make sacrifices that avoid unhealthy pitfalls and shortcuts that commercial food growers result to, when it comes to growing food. Backyard Liberty gives you a chance to do just that. The instructional video has easy to follow step=by-step setting up instructions.

The system makes use of the symbiotic relationship between fish and plants – fish waste provide nutrients for the plants; plants purify the water for the fish. An intricate piping system connects the aquarium to the plant bed. Water, with fish waste from the aquarium, flows to the plant bed, where the plant roots use the waste as nutrients. The same water, now clean, flows back to the aquarium.

What’s more, because the water is recycled, the system only needs 10% of water used for traditional farming is needed to provide juicy nutritious vegetables and tasty fish, 24-7, 365 days a year.

To crown it, it can be set up in your basement, roof top or even balcony since all you need is some form of light, and it can be set up vertically as well. Take a look!


The Aquaponics system/garden

The Brains Behind Backyard Liberty

Alec Deacon, an expert in Aquaponics got tired seeing so many programs on the internet teaching impractically teaching about Aquaponics systems using expensive materials, not applicable to the commoner. He therefore developed this easy to follow, cost-effective system to help people easily get the hang of it, and save on food in these economic shaky times.

What is Backyard Liberty?

This is a home-made Aquaponics system that comes to you in form of an video containing simple, easy to follow instructions on how to create an Aquaponics system, using readily available materials. The video provides all the knowledge needed not only to set up the system, but to also operate it daily. You can start using it as soon as it is set and within a few weeks, you will no longer be buying vegetables.

What Other Features Make Backyard Liberty?

No toiling

This is the part I love most. There is no breaking a sweat digging or watering. Just 15 minutes a day to confirm things are running fine. The water simply recycles itself.

It is cost-effective

With less than $200 you can have the system up and running. You will recouped this cost in a few weeks once you start harvesting the groceries.

60 day money-back guarantee

Should you not like the system for any reason, you have 60 days to return it.

A handbook of instructions

The video comes with a handbook in soft body that further explains setup and daily maintenance.


  • No watering needed – the system recycles water by itself
  • No fertilizer required – fish do the necessary
  • No chemicals, pesticides
  • No advanced agricultural knowledge required;
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • Any size of space can be utilized – even the balcony


  • Need internet and computer to access the program
  • Have to source for materials independent of the program. I wish they came together.


I am glad I finally took control in providing safe, organic food for my family. Won’t you consider joining the Backyard Liberty bandwagon? Check it out!

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