Blackout USA Review. Are You Prepared to Survive the Darkness?

Blackout USA

What if there is a blackout in your home and the lights never come back? Blackout USA can help you be prepared for such an eventuality.

There is a time when the lights went out in our town for three good days. I think those were the longest nights I ever had. On the first day, all the ice in the fridge had almost melted and I knew the food would go bad but I didn’t know how I could save it all. I ate the much I could but eventually I had to throw most of it out. The rooms were getting hot because there was no air conditioning, I was taking cold showers which I hate, and every night I would leave the light switch on hoping I would wake up and the lights would be back on. After three horrible days, the lights were back on and I wondered what I could have done to prepare myself better. Then one day I came across a book, Blackout USA and it gave me insight on a lot of things I didn’t know about.


Power outages aren’t a common thing but when they happen they can last a few hours or overnight. And when the lights come back on you feel relieved and life continues as usual. What if the lights went out and they never came back on, what would you do then? We live in a world that is so reliant on electricity that even the smallest task or machine in your home has to be powered by electricity. In the olden times, people didn’t know much about electricity and life went on as normal. We operate in a world that is ran on electricity from your smartphone to the car you drive to work every day. What happens if there are an EMP attack and all electronics stop working?

What is Blackout USA all about?


Darkest days

This is a survival guide book written by Alex Deacon which you can find online that will help you and your family learn how to protect yourself in case there is an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) attack that will shut down all electronics. This can be caused by solar flares when they hit the earth’s atmosphere, terrorist attack in the form of an EMP bomb, natural disaster, or something else. Most people don’t understand how much of a threat an EMP actually is to your daily lives. An EMP disables all sensitive circuits, this means all your electronic devices and the country’s power grid can be completely destroyed.

In his book, Blackout USA, Alex combines the knowledge of a weird professor, Charles Green who lived in an Amish community for 2 years to learn the Amish way of life, skills of preserving food, finding drinkable water, storing heat-sensitive medication, and how to live off the grid. The Blackout USA is a 161 page EMP survival guide that will train you on survival tactics in case of an EMP attack and how to remain safe. This book will teach you how to stay out of harm’s way and train you how to live like people in the olden days when there was no electricity.

black out


You may be wondering if an EMP attack is even possible and if it is possible would the US government allow something like that to ever happen? Although the government may say such a thing isn’t possible, other people tend to differ and think it’s only a matter of time. With an increase in natural disasters and terrorist attacks, there is a need to be prepared in case a disaster strikes. An EMP attack possesses a huge problem because your electronic devices won’t work, transport system grinds to a halt, lights go out, there is no food preservation, and life basically becomes a nightmare. Because of this, Blackout USA will teach you some skills to help you survive in such times.

About the author

Alex Deacon is well known in the preparedness and survival community. He’s the editor of a popular blog, Survivopedia and a best-selling author of ‘Backyard Liberty’. When he was writing Blackout USA, he collaborated with Charles Green, a professor who spent 2 years in an Amish community learning their ways.

Features of Blackout USA

In the event of an EMP attack, there will be food shortages, massive looting, economic collapse, and mass pandemic. However, the knowledge in this book will help you and your family survive these dark days. What you can expect from this survival guide includes:

  • 7 must-have foods and medicine you will need to keep yourself healthy.
  • Ways of preserving medicine and food from spoiling.
  • 5 important electronics you will need to keep yourself safe.
  • Methods of protecting your home from looters.
  • Steps on how to use household items to build a device that will protect your electronic devices and keep them safe from an EMP.
  • 3 simple ways of generating your own electricity to run your appliances.
  • How to blend in and go unnoticed by violent looters.


  • You learn how to restart your car and get it running after an EMP attack so that you don’t get stranded with no means of transport. You get tips on how to preserve food when your fridge stops working. And also steps on how to build a Faraday cage to protect your remaining working electronics.
  • Techniques and steps you can use to safeguard your home and property from looters.
  • You learn some home remedies you can apply to treat simple injuries when there is no medical assistance.
  • It’s simple and easy to understand guide with step-by-step methods you can easily follow.
  • You can purchase the physical copy or get the digital version.
  • It has a 60-day money back guarantee.


  • Unlike other survival guides that cover a variety of different topics, this book only covers an EMP attack.
  • You can only purchase it online, it’s not available in stores.
  • You need to concentrate so that you can understand the guide.


The best part about getting this book is that you get 2 bonuses which make this book great value for money.

The first bonus shows you how to make your own pharmacy. You get to learn alternative natural treatments you can use, how to find them easily, how to quickly prepare them, and how to safely store them.

The second bonus shows you how you can safely protect and keep your home safe from criminals and looters who are in search of food and medicine. The best part is you get to know the best dog breeds for home protection and how to plant defensive bushes to protect your home.

Final word

Blackout USA is a detailed survival guide you can find here that has important information, methods, and techniques that are vital in surviving an EMP attack. Having the knowledge of what to do in case of an EMP attack is better because you will know exactly what you need to do and not panic like the others. With all the bad things happening nowadays, it would be wise to be prepared for any eventuality. Knowing that you have the skills needed to survive an EMP attack will give you peace of mind.


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