Food For Freedom Review: Farming Without Toil

Food For Freedom

Do the debates and counter debates about the safety of food you and your family consume get you jittery? I used to get more than jittery. I worried – a lot. I mean debates like whether or not GMOs increase the risk of cancer, whether pesticides used affect our bodies and food security if the drought in California (the US agricultural giant) escalates. You see, my wife and I recently watched cancer ravage my mum, and already there has been a steady food price increase. At such moments I wished I could just grow my own food. But a look at my standard-size backyard, made my wishful thinking ludicrous. Or, was it? One day I bumped into the Food for freedom program and was immediately sold to the Aquaponics garden idea. Long story short, 3 months later my family enjoys fresh fish and groceries from our backyard. Conspiracy or not, I no longer worry about GMOs or pesticides or even food prices!



Why Food For Freedom

I know you are not averse to a cheap, year-round, drought-proof food supply from your backyard. I can almost hear you arguing that you don’t have time on your hands to understand and set up such a technical system. Believe me you don’t need to have lifted a hammer before to set this up. My wife, 2 kids and I had a wonderful bonding-over-setting-it-up afternoon that saw it installed in a fun-filled 4 hours.

The system makes use of the symbiotic relationship between fish and plants – fish waste provide nutrients for the plants; plants purify the water for the fish.

What’s more, you will be shocked that only 10% of water used for traditional farming is needed to provide juicy nutritious vegetables and tasty fish, 24-7, 365 days a year. The water is recycled.

To crown it, it can be set up in your basement, roof top or even balcony since all you need is some form of light, and it can be set up vertically as well. Take a look!

Food for Freedom

The Aquaponics system/garden

The Brains Behind Food For Freedom

When Frank Tanner, a seasoned investigative journalist, went to cover the California drought, he met Bill Jackson, a farmer in San Joaquin County, California. Despite water rationing, Bill was miraculously growing tomatoes, bell peppers, zucchini, cucumbers onions, radishes, beets, carrots, and spinach in his 300sq feet yard. His secret? You guessed it – Aquaponics of course! He had bought his system at $2,000.

The 2 men believe there is a conspiracy is in the making, so they want every American to become food secure. After years of trial and error, Bill successfully reverse engineered a cost-effective Aquaponics system, thus birthing Food For Freedom.

What is Food For Freedom?

This is a home-made Aquaponics system that comes to you in form of an electronic program containing simple, easy to follow instructions on how to create an Aquaponics system, using readily available materials. The program provides all the knowledge needed not only to set up the system, but to also operate it daily. You can start using it as soon as it is set and within a few weeks, you will no longer be buying vegetables.

What Other Features Make Food For Freedom Amazing?

No toiling

This is the part I love most. There is no breaking a sweat digging or watering. The water simply recycles itself. Absolutely anyone can do this.

It is cheap

The program costs $37, and materials needed for set up the garden will not go beyond $100. I recouped this cost in a few weeks when I stopped spending money on some groceries.

60 day money-back guarantee

4 Exclusive Bonuses

The return on your investment is further improved by these 4 bonuses that come with the program:

  • DIY Greenhouse Blueprint

This is a step by step guide in setting up a green house, should you need a shelter for your garden during winter. This can be done for as low as $57

  • Simple Survival Canning

Chances are, you will harvest more that you can consume. Canning the excess produce is a value addition that ensures you store the food for long. This bonus teaches you easy ways of canning your food.

  • Setting Up Your Survival Seed Bank

As you harvest your crop, it is important to keep good seeds for growing your next crop. This bonus shows you how to select the best seeds for your bank, when to harvest, when to plant.

  • Container Garden Secrets

Should you want to farm beyond the Aquaponics, this bonus equips you with knowledge on the soil to use, the best pot materials, and plants for direct sunlight and those that prefer shades.

My spinach garden Canning various crops Farming in containers


  • No watering needed – the system recycles water by itself
  • No fertilizer required – fish do the necessary
  • No chemicals, pesticides
  • No advanced agricultural knowledge required;
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • Any size of space can be utilized – even the balcony


  • Need internet and computer to access the program
  • Have to source for materials independent of the program. I wish they came together.


I am over the moon that my family eats fresh, nutritious, organic food all year round without chemical fertilizer, hard work, and almost without water. My kids really enjoy the fishing. Won’t you consider joining the Food For Freedom bandwagon? Check it out!


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