Hybeam Tactical Flashlight Review – The flashlight that will leave you beaming!

Hybeam Tactical Flashlight

Some people always have odds stacked against them. I am chief amongst them! Otherwise, how would you explain the fact that whenever a physical entry filed in a poorly lit corner of our archives needs to be retrieved, the request will land on my desk? Odds against me or not, I like working smart. Instead of hauling heavy boxes down ladders into the light, I prefer to bring the light to them. The office provided torches are bulky and heavy. I tried using my phone flashlight but it soon fell and broke. So did 2 small plastic flashlights. Frustrated, I bumped into the Hybeam tactical flashlight. What a game-changer it has been! At just 4 inches, I climb the ladder with it in my palm, pocket, or even hanging on my wrist. It is so light that I sometimes effortlessly hold it between my teeth. I long bid farewell to bringing down a stack of documents into better light to select the right one. And yes, you guessed it – despite many falls from great heights, the flashlight is still going strong. I now no longer mind the odds!



Why might this be the flashlight for you?

A flashlight’s main benefit is ending any darkness, be it due to a power outage, poor or no lighting, jungle or fog. Because you never know when you will be helpless in the dark, having a flashlight with you at all times is the best solution. The Hybeam tactical flashlight is small and light enough to fit in your pocket or bag.

Its powerful light lasts for hours, as opposed to the phone flashlight that is weak and short-lived. Moreover, it beveled edges and strobe lighting make it a self-defense weapon against intruders.

And there is more – the price is just right. These all-round benefits will have you and the flashlight beaming for long!


How did the Hybeam tactical flashlight come to be?

The Hybeam flashlight was invented by Dave Scoot (FPA Chairman) and is made by Family Protection Association (FPA), a survivalist group based in Austin, Texas. Their aim is to equip you in protecting your family’s safety, security and success. They offer resources and tools to this end.

The catch in buying directly from them is that with your contact information, they can entice or finagle you into subscriptions and special offers. I have not had any such intrusion since I purchased my flashlight from Amazon.

What is the Hybeam tactical flashlight?

A military grade powerful flashlight that is small enough to carry with you everywhere in all weather. Being water resistant, it easily survives water accidents. It is made from aircraft grade aluminum so it is light, tough and shock resistant. Mine has fallen severally from heights that broke other torches but it is as good as new. You see our work involves lots of push-shove illuminated situations!

What other features sets it apart?

3 Power Modes

With just a push of a button, you can switch between blinding high beam (3-4 hours burn), low beam (7-8 hours burn) and defensive strobe which can blind an intruder or signal for help, in the dark. I have been using the low beam and haven’t changed the battery for months.

Its Cree bulb is very bright. Even in daylight, the flashlight still seems bright. It lights up our warehouse quite brightly in darkness.

Uses Single AA battery

The flashlight uses one simple AA battery, whether rechargeable or not. This gives you flexibility and convenience to use it anywhere since you are not limited to a particular highly priced battery.

It is cheap

For such a heavy duty little thing, the flashlight is quite fairly priced. At less than $10, it is so much cheaper than most heavy duty flashlights. In fact, it is 5 times cheaper than the office torches, yet I find it more convenient.

Self-Defense Weapon

In addition to being tough, light and compact enough to fit in your palm, the flashlight has scalloped sharp edges that can whack an enemy, or break a glass window, if you are trapped. Coupled with the strobe light, immediate help in emergencies is literally in your grasp.

Life time guarantee

Well, this little tool comes with an ‘ironclad’ lifetime guarantee, in case anything malfunctions in your flashlight. Actually, this was the deal-breaker for me, because at first sight, it looked like the cheap, short-lived china made flashlights. Their customer support was very quick to replace the unit for me when the lid couldn’t properly screw back the first time I inserted a battery.


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Pocket-sized Bright even in light! Powerful in less light


  • Someone has complained that though strong, the light is not up to the 300 lumens advertised. I don’t know much about lumens, but I find it brighter than my phone flashlight, and it perfectly illuminates my search in dark corners.
  • The on/off button sometimes becomes faulty. I guess the good customer support and lifetime guarantee may come in handy here.
  • It doesn’t have a zoom feature like more sophisticated flashlights.

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This flashlight is a ‘work-saver’ for me. I believe it will work just as well anywhere you need a flashlight. It has actually become my default gift for anyone on any occasion and so far, all I get is high praise for it. Maybe you could also give it a try. Check it out!


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