Lost ways 2 review. How to be prepared to survive a crisis

Lost ways 2

Can you survive in a world where a natural disaster, man-made disaster, or economic collapse can occur at any time? The Lost ways 2 can help you face the challenges without fear and help you survive the crisis.



I love the outdoors and nature which provides a great opportunity for me to learn different ways of using plants around me to make medicine and food. Then one day when I was hiking I came across a group of campers and one of them was hurt badly but I didn’t know how to help him. This made me realize I needed to learn some survival skills in case of such emergencies. That’s when I found the Lost ways 2 book online and it had a lot of interesting things that I can use to be more prepared for any eventuality.

In the world we live in today, natural disasters are happening at an extremely alarming frequency. One minute it’s a hurricane the next is a tornado, then floods, and even an earthquake. And with these disasters follows a shortage of food, water, electricity, and other essential things that you need to survive. If you want to be one of those prepared people, this article is for you. Natural disasters can strike at any time and anywhere and being prepared before a disaster will ensure that you and your loved ones are able to come out safely on the other side.

There are many survival guides that can help you prepare for all kinds of crisis and disasters, but not many of them deliver what they claim which makes it difficult to get the right one. The Lost ways 2 is a survival book that will teach you how our forefathers survived the different crisis and it could be what you’ve been looking for.

What is Lost ways 2?


The Lost ways 2

Lost ways 2 is the second edition of this survival guide written by Claude Davis that teaches you different ways and techniques used in the old day to survive. It shows you practical and easy-to-follow techniques you can use to protect your family in case of a disaster. You will learn the skills our ancestors used to get through harsh conditions like wars, drought, diseases, financial crisis, and other dangerous situations. This 300-page guide will teach you how to grow and store food in pit holes, natural remedies you can use to treat general illnesses, how to create energy to light up the place you live, and much more. You also get to learn the superfoods our ancestors ate to help you survive during a crisis when there is a food shortage. These foods can be stored for long periods of time at a time when you can’t access a fridge.

Who is the author?

Lost ways 2 has been written by Claude Davis. He’s also a survival expert with 30 years’ experience and the man behind Askaprepper.com, a famous survival website. The reason for coming up with this guide was because he was concerned that modern society has no clue about the ways of our forefathers. His belief is that by him sharing our ancestor’s survival skills, it can help society get back on the right path. This is a book is one of the most comprehensive survival guides available in the market today.

Features of the Lost ways 2

A man in his garden


 A man in his cabin


The Lost ways 2 will provide you with skills and techniques that will prepare you on how to deal with the worst situations created by natural disasters, wars, famine, EMP attacks, etc. You will learn how to use plants you find growing in your backyard to provide you with daily nutrition during times of crisis. The foods listed in this guide are tasty and provide a stable diet you can eat for many months and it can be grown in the harshest conditions with a longer lifespan. The book is divided into chapters with different topics that are well detailed in a way you can easily understand. These are some of the things you expect to find in this guide:

Superfoods. You get to learn about the lost super foods that our ancestors used that can guarantee that you and your family don’t have any problems with food during famine. This super food can be stored in pits for up to 10 years. It’s very nutritious and you can survive on it alone and you don’t need to refrigerate it because it can stay fresh for many years. There are also other ancient super foods that will help you and your family stay healthy during the crisis and you can learn how to prepare them to make them tasty and delicious. The foods are also packed with probiotics.

Natural remedies. You learn simple ways you can use plants to treat different ailments like heart problems, diabetes, different infections, and other diseases. You get to learn which plants are natural painkillers and powerful antibiotics to help fight bacterial infections with no side effects. And to add to all that Claude introduces you to a common tree that you didn’t know has natural and powerful disinfectant properties that you can use to stop bleeding in minutes.

Building shelter. You learn ancient methods of building a cabin using logs to make sure your loved ones have a roof over their heads. It’s an inexpensive way of building a vacation house or shelter in case of a disaster.

Hunting skills. The guide has tips on how people in the Wild West used to hunt deer, how to easily butcher the deer and the parts that are ideal for preservation. You also learn how to tan the deer hide with no chemicals and which parts are best for making needles, bowstrings, tallow, knife handles, or glue.

Digging a well. When you don’t have any running water in your taps you realize how precious water is. You learn ways of digging a well in the shortest time in your backyard at no cost.

Make activated charcoal. You learn how to make activated charcoal pills that can help treat indigestion, acute food poisoning, and bad cholesterol. You can also use it to filter contaminated water to make sure you have clean water to drink.


  • The Lost ways 2 guides is written in a language you can easily understand.
  • It’s an extensive survival guide that has tricks, tips, and techniques that can actually solve problems in a crisis.
  • It has a 60-day money back guarantee.
  • It saves you money since you don’t have to buy expensive things.
  • You get to learn valuable skills that you can use at any time and not only during a crisis


  • You have to be patient to learn all the techniques in the guide.
  • You can only access it online.

Bonuses that come with this guide include:

What you need to have ready before an EMP, and

How to become self-sufficient on a 4 acres of land

Final word

Lost ways 2 found here contains a wealth of information that will help you protect your loved one in case of a crisis or disaster. Its money back guarantee gives this survival guide legibility because you can return it if you aren’t pleased with what you read. The skills and techniques you learn can also be used in your daily life and not just when there is a disaster which is an added advantage.


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