Lost ways review. How you can survive a calamity

Lost ways

The world that we live in right now isn’t the safest place to be for humans. With the wars and calamities going on in the world, the Lost ways have important survival techniques that can help you thrive in these harsh conditions.



Last year a couple of my friends and I took a trip to the Philippines for of summer vacation. We thought it would be a good idea to learn a new language, culture, and do some site seeing. The first week we spent in a remote village up the mountains doing some volunteer work. On our last day, there was a mudslide that destroyed many houses, but luckily no one was hurt. We helped the much we could but it wasn’t enough because we were ill-equipped to deal with such a situation. I wished at that moment I knew what to do to help the small village. Fast forward, back home I immediately started searching for books to read on dealing with calamities and I came across Lost ways that had detailed information on how to go about dealing with different types of disasters. Now I know what to do next time.

We live in a society that relies so much on technology that we have forgotten how our forefathers survived through so many harsh conditions like famine, wars, diseases, drought, and other crisis they faced. We are protected from most of these threats but that doesn’t mean that something can’t disrupt your life and cause unexpected havoc. That is why it’s important that you gain the necessary survival skills you need to survive any harsh conditions.

Calamities can happen anywhere, at home, work, school, or anywhere else which can cause you tension and anxiety affecting your life and productivity. The Lost ways book will provide you with solutions to these situations and tips on how to prepare yourself for the unexpected. Although it’s always good to be optimistic in life it’s also good to prepare yourself for the worst. Also teach your children about natural disasters like fires, earthquakes, extreme weather conditions, and other calamities that might occur and prepare them on how to deal with them.

What is the book of the Lost ways all about?


Lost ways by Claude Davis

The Lost ways is a physical book and an ebook written by Claude Davis and are equipped with simple to understand survival techniques to prepare you in case of a catastrophe like wars, natural disasters, or economic crisis. It teaches you survival skills that our forefathers used in the olden days to survive different situations. You get to learn valuable lessons and new skills that you can incorporate in your life to help you protect the ones you love. The book teaches you how to prepare a delicious, healthy, and nutritious meal with only the basic ingredients that you can’t get to your local shop. You also learn how to survive without antibiotics, how to preserve water, and how to live without luxuries like fridges, cars, or the supermarkets.

With an increase in the frequency of natural disasters, disaster preparedness is an area that is being given a lot of focus. People living in countries that are more prone to some of the calamities like floods, hurricanes, fires, and earthquakes are being sensitized on disaster preparedness methods. Lost ways is a book you can use to prepare yourself from any disaster. The book provides you with recipes on how to make medicine from natural herbs, find water, make shelter, how to preserve food naturally, and skills to help you protect your loved ones from attackers.

Flooding in New Orleans from Hurricane


One of the best parts about the book is learning how to construct a bunker that can withstand the impact of an earthquake or missile attack. You not only get to learn important survival skills but knowledge of the natural disasters that could happen in the future and lessons learned from these disasters so that they can be helpful in the future.

Features of the book of the Lost way

Modern amenities have made our lives easier that you have lost your survival skills because you don’t see the need to struggle in life. In this book, Claude urges people to learn how to live without being dependent on modern amenities because you never know what calamity will strike and those amenities can’t help you. If you’re not equipped with the necessary survival skills you won’t survive in harsh conditions. Some of the things you will learn from this book include:

Preserving water. You can survive for long without food, but not water which means water is a very important part of your survival plan. You will learn how to collect and store clean water and how you can have a steady supply of water for months on end for free.

Build underground houses. You will learn important skills used by the Native Americans to build underground houses that are comfortable and can accommodate up to 4 families and are can withstand storms.

Natural remedies. The books outline some of the remedies used for centuries that you can get from stuff around the house and plants growing in your back yard. Some common weeds like wild lettuce have been used as a pain killer.

Make bullets. You will learn how to preserve bullets and what to do when you have no more bullets left. And also what to do so that you never ran out of bullets.

Self-defense methods. To protect your family and supplies that you have you will need to learn how to protect yourself from attackers who will want to steal what you have. This book has techniques that will help you defend yourself and others when outgunned and outnumbered.

About the author

The Lost ways is a survival training guide written by Claude Davis, a guru survival expert with over 30 years’ experience under his belt. After seeing how society is ill-equipped he decided to create an easy-to-understand guide that will help you get on the right track to being a survival expert. Lost ways have various survival techniques and secrets that will help you survive a harsh world without any modern technology. Apart from the physical book, Claude Davis has also created an ebook that you can easily access from your smartphone, laptop, or tablet.


  • It’s a comprehensive guide with easy-to-read and understands tips and techniques.
  • You can easily obtain the stuff and items you need from around your home.
  • You can choose to use the physical book or the ebook.
  • It has a 60-day money back guarantee.
  • The survival skills and techniques used by our ancestors have proven to be very valuable.
  • Helps you to be prepared for any situation giving you peace of mind that your loved ones are well equipped.


  • You need to practice the techniques you learn so that you can master them which can take time.
  • It doesn’t have audio or video tutorials to help you understand better.


Final thoughts

Being prepared for any eventuality in life is the best way of living and enjoying your life. You need to be prepared on how to handle the best and worst moments of your life. This guide here will help you be better equipped to deal with bad scenarios and help save your life and the lives of your family. You will have peace of mind knowing that you and your family are ready to handle any calamity that will come your way with a cool head.

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