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Rescue Card

My 4 girlfriends and I arrived at our getaway cabin for our monthly weekend of unwinding and catching up, in high spirits, despite the heavy downpour. Soon we discovered one of us had forgotten to carry the key to the pantry, where we usually lock away our crockery, cutlery, axe and all other tools. We tried to kick open the door, the way it is done in the movies, but it wouldn’t budge.

So we devised a plan B – warm the tinned food in the tins and eat from them, but guess what – the tins were not the ones with a ring to open. My husband chose that moment to call, so I got someone to lament to! Guess what, he told me of a Rescue Card in the car, and took us through the steps of using it. Didn’t we have an adventure with the ‘little wonder!’– I mean, we were able to open our drinks and canned food, cut our bread, and even saw splinters off wood to kindle our fire! We loved it so much that each of us now carries one in the bag. A pity it doesn’t open doors!



Why Could the Rescue Card Benefit You?

A Rescue cards is a compact kit that is comprehensive in its use. It is small, light but tough as nails. It is so easy to carry because it can slide right into your wallet. This saves you having to carry different paraphernalia around.

Because it is easy to always keep it you, it comes in real handy in those emergency situations. It saves both time and energy to hunting for each of the tools contained in it. Using them is easy as is cleaning and maintaining them.

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Whose idea is the Rescue Card

There are different categories of rescue cards, but most have to do with survival, especially in tough terrains. It follows therefore that they are put together by survivalist groups. The most common is Ape Survival. Many of its rescue cards are even given free of charge by different survival outfits e.g.

What is the Rescue Card?

Let me mention here there is no one universal rescue card. The common theme however is that it is a small gadget, bigger than a credit card, but small enough to fit in the pocket. They contain very many different tools ideal for outdoorsy people. For example one survivor rescue card has a compass, tweezers, toothpick, a magnifying glass, a whistle,a fire stick, a bottle opener, a screw driver,a sharpening pad and even a compass. One fishing one has coconut husks and paper for lighting a fire, a sinker and a hook for fishing. You can never be stay hungry for long after fishing! There are even those with tools needed for hiking, car-pooling, or just driving among other outdoor activities

The commonly freely given away rescue card has a stunning 16 tools, which include an SOS and help distress codes. Check it out

Other Benefits of the Rescue Card

It is cheap

This awesome gadget only costs $14.95. Sometimes it is even given away free.


It is sleek and modern looking, yet is appropriate for all the odd jobs.

16 different tools

It has a variety of different survival tools that comes in quite handy out in the wild.


It is easy to clean and maintain


Sometimes they come with bonuses, like the elite survival training guides.


  • Their small size can be inconveniencing to some people
  • Others are quiet delicate and can easily break
  • There is no mention of a guarantee.


The Rescue Card has 16 important life saving tools, compressed into one sleekly designed gadget that can fit into your wallet. Being so handy and easy to carry, won’t you consider getting one for yourself? Check it out!



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