Survival Frog Review

Survival Frog Review

Sometimes when someone seems to have a lion’s share of attention, they tend to take all the limelight. It is like I was growing up as the younger sister. My big sister overshadowed me in school, sports, guys, college- you name it. No matter what I did, I was always my popular sister’s sister, ugh! Fortunately, as we grew into our respective careers, people started seeing us for who we are. I could say the same for Survival Frog. There was a time all we ever thought was Amazon, but it has become apparently clear that if you are looking for survival gear, you are better off with Survival Frog. Just the way you would go round in circles until you got to me, a gym instructor, if you went seeking sound personal fitness advice from my elder sister, a lawyer! None of their wares has ever disappointed me.

Why would Survival Frog Benefit You?

They have diligently created for themselves a niche in survival gear and have excellent customer service. Survival Frog promises you an Amazing Buying Experience all the time! They guarantee low prices and free shipping – how about that! If survival or fitness is your thing, then consider checking out what they offer. And by survival, I don’t just mean extreme sport. It is the broader sense of survival – anything that enhances you and your family’s survival, like food, water and their storage containers, or even grills!


The Survival Frog team snowmobiling

Of humble Beginnings

Even though Survival Frog is now a very successful and respected stop for survival and preparedness products online it started2009 by the CEO and Founder selling books online as Peak 10 Publishing. Its customer base for the DVDs, CDs and books exponentially. Today, Survival Frog offers outdoor gear and physical gear to in the whole of the US and Canada, and has evolved into the leading survival gear and products for preparedness online. The company has risen from a novice to an expert catering for varied types of organizations and people.

What exactly is Survival Frog?

This is a chain of stores that dealing in outdoor gears, food communication and other electronic devices. The company’s main office is in Denver USA and has a very large clientele both online and physically. Survival Frog is vocal in:

  • Encouraging people to prepare for calamities like storms, earthquakes, terrorists attacks and power outage among others
  • Assisting people build a wholesome food supply, through its products.
  • Having clean environment
  • Preventing diseases
  • Effectively addressing illnesses and injuries
  • Advising people to come up with makeshift shelters besides their actual home just in case a family member stay out late and is in danger

Obviously the company believes in its motto of fixing roofs while the sun is still shining.

Other important features

  • In addition to the roof fixing above, Survival Frog also busies itself in:
  • Regularly updating its site so that it is always up to date
  • Stocking diverse survival stuff so that clients can get access to emergency shelter kits, survival knives, fire starters, and heat and warmth gears. Survival Frog believes that one should not only survive tough conditions, he/she should thrive. It therefore strives to ensure you get all you need to thrive.
  • In addition to healthy emergency food options, the company stocks containers to store food and for water preservation
  • For energy and radio the company stocks radios, power banks, and batteries. Most of these are powered by solar.
  • Survival kits that include bug out bags, first aid kits, car kits and survival gears.
  • They also have camping and picnic gear.
  • The company has not forgotten its educational beginnings. It still provides you with access to publications, user reviews and even checklists

Placing orders

In case you are wondering how to place an order with Survival Frog, all you have to do is order through their website bearing in mind that after the shipping you cannot cancel an order.


Payment to survival frog is done through Paypal, Bitcoin or credit cards. It then gets better – discounts are offered on bulky orders. Now with such a wonderful offer all a buyer is expected to do is sit relax and wait for their purchase but that is not the end of the story because survival Frog still offers a 6 month warranty on the product.



  • They do community service and financially uplift communities
  • Their products are good quality
  • Issues generous discounts
  • Great customer relations
  • A 6-month guarantee with a full refund


  • Orders received after 2pm will be worked on the following day.


With their wide range of products, Survival Frog has something for everyone. With the great customer

Service, flexible payment options and the amazing money-back period, won’t you consider giving Survival Frog a try?

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