Survival MD – Learn how to survive a disaster without medical training

Survival MD

Are you well prepared to handle any disaster that might happen? Survival MD will help you get medically prepared so that you can save the lives of your family and loved ones.

Living so near the forest, I worry about mudslides and forest fires all the time and what I should do to be more prepared. If I was single I would just relocate, but with a family of two, I can only think about their safety. The last time there was a forest fire I had to move my family to a neighboring town just in case the fire reached our house. Then one day in the book store I can across the Survival MD that had the information I was looking for. Now I can be better prepared instead of worrying all the time.

Disaster can strike at any time which makes it impossible to know what to do when face-to-face with a crisis. You have no way of predicting what nature has in store for you in the next minute, day, or week. You can choose to be prepared or not, scared or bold, but how you choose to react to an ugly situation happening in your life can be a matter between life and death. In times of crisis, people use different methods to seeks for help. Some ask for help from their neighbors while others pray for God’s intervention, you could also read the Survival MD to help yourself and others around you.


What is Survival MD?


Survival MD by Dr. Scurtu

Survival MD is a very detailed book and eBook written by a doctor and a layman to help you, a normal person down the street who isn’t in the medical profession learn how to treat an injured or ill person in case of a disaster when proper medical attention may or may not be available. Accidents, illnesses, natural disasters, or diseases can happen at any time and most people aren’t prepared to protect themselves from any unforeseen dangers. You rely too much on your local health care system and the medical professionals to be ready to help you if the need should arise.

This survival guide has 206 pages of information about medical preparedness and outdoor survival skills on how to survive off the grid. It’s an 18 chapter guide book that will give you skills on what to do when faced with an emergency and there are no doctors available to help. If you live in remote areas or in a third world country where you have no access to immediate medical attention, you can use the Survival MD book to show you what to do in emergency situations. It also teaches you how to quickly stitch up a wound and how to safely dispose of human waste and other waste materials when public services aren’t available.

Houses submerged in flood water 

Hurricane storm destroys a house



This book has a complete list of all the things you need to survive, the gear you need, skills, and basic knowledge. It guides you on the different types of medicine you need to stay healthy and keep you alive for as long as possible, and the way you can treat certain illnesses and diseases that aren’t life-threatening. Every chapter explains in detail what you need to know and even has illustrations that will assist you to visually understand what you’re dealing with. With alternative remedies of treating ailments, you can quickly avert a life and death situation if you can’t access medication.

Who is the author?

Robert Grey, a mechanic and Dr. Radu Scurtu, a Romanian doctor wrote this guide book to help others who have no access to medical attention when faced with a crisis. After Hurricane Katrina, Robert realized that so many lives would have been saved if only they have access to appropriate medical care. Then he met Dr. Scurtu, a Romanian doctor who doesn’t have high-tech machinery like the American doctors to treat his patients. The two then put their minds together with a helpful program that could help anyone in a crisis.

Features of Survival MD

The 18 chapters covered in Survival MD include:

  • Why prevention and practice makes sense
  • Specific disease preparedness
  • Dental preparedness
  • Preparedness for women: sanitation and hygiene
  • List of medications to stockpile
  • Buying medical response kits
  • Alternative medicine
  • Preparing for first aid
  • Emergency sanitation
  • What to do when there is no medical doctor around
  • Medical emergency protocol
  • Understanding CPR
  • Common illnesses in a crisis
  • Non-traumatic illnesses
  • Infectious diseases
  • Climate-specific diseases
  • How to survive without prescription
  • Prepper’s medical reading list

Each chapter and topic is explained in length with illustrations and pictures and subtopics for every chapter. The covered material gives you tips on how you can realign a dislocated shoulder, how to survive months on end, how to put together a first aid kit, first aid techniques, how you can perform a body check and self-diagnose, how to quickly stop any bleeding and treat a bullet wound so that it doesn’t get infected or you bleed out, and many more.

Who is best suited for this guide?

Although this is a comprehensive guide and one of the best courses on medical survival, you shouldn’t replace it with professional medical care if it’s necessary. That being said, this book is ideal for anyone who wants to be medically prepared for any disaster or emergency and to learn the skills provided in this book. The skills you learn come in handy when you can’t access professional medical attention, but you shouldn’t think that you don’t require professional help if necessary.


  • It’s very simple and straight forward and very easy to be read and understood by young people.
  • All the information written in the Survival MD book is based on research and true life experience. The best part is it has the medical expertise and knowledge on how to treat patients with limited access to medical supplies and technology.
  • It shows you what you need to do to stay alive in any type of disaster in case there is no professional medical assistance.
  • It teaches you how to correctly diagnose any illness or disease and treat it, and alternative remedies you can use instead of medication.
  • You don’t need any medical skills, the guide will help you easily learn.
  • It has a 60-day money back guarantee if you try it and aren’t satisfied with the information.


  • You have to reread the book several times so that you can get all the knowledge it offers.
  • It’s a bit expensive to buy the equipment and gear you need to survive.
  • The skills and knowledge in the book can’t replace professional medical help.
  • You can only buy the book online.

Final word

Survival MD is a great survival guide that has a collection of helpful survival skills that you can easily learn to help you when in crisis. The book here has life-changing material that will serve you in your everyday life, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to seek professional help if available. Your life is precious and it’s your duty to do everything you can to guard it. This survival medicine handbook will come in handy when you’re facing a crisis and you know exactly what to do in that situation.


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