What Survival Shows Are on Netflix?


If you enjoy watching Netflix, you are not alone. A lot of people like it – it literally gives you everything you would want to watch, all at a discounted price every month. Among the endless variety of shows they have are survival shows – ranging from people trying to survive in the strangest environments to drinking disgusting water and eating disgusting food.

However, these shows might also teach you something about the art of survival. Keep in mind that Netflix is constantly changing the lineup, so you might look for a show and discover it is no longer on their schedule.

Here is a few of these picks to check out, and use them to find out the latest bits in survival scenarios.

Man vs. Wild with Bear Grylls

If you have seen survival shows, you will know there are plenty of ‘experts’ who unfortunately hold very questionable survival tactics or credentials, and you find it difficult to trust them. However, that is not the case with Bear Grylls – he has extensive hiking experience, gone to numerous expeditions, and happened to serve in the 21st SAS (among the top units of the British military).

If you want to pick up on some interesting tactics for survival, this is among the shows to watch. For instance, drinking of urine for the purpose of re-hydration (which he uses on a regular basis, and is actually true).

Combat Zone

If you happen to be with someone and you are in the midst of an emergency, it is highly likely you will get into conflicts. It may be due to small disagreements, but also the fact that people can become quite malicious when they see that is the only way they can survive – and this show highlights that perfectly.

If you are curious about life in the military as well, this is a great place to start. The basis of the show includes having interviews with veterans from the military, or who knew what happened in specific battles. They give plenty of insight as well. It teaches you that contact with enemies are a major threat to your survival, regardless of the environment you are in – and how to outsmart that.

Black Hawk Down

We might probably take a wild guess that you have seen any post-apocalyptic movie, or anything that involves imagining that a whole city or town is dedicated to destroying you. The survival of battles like these is among the hardest stories to ever go through, and Black Hawk Down follows this format.

The entire story is a book adaptation, based on the story of the Task Force Ranger and the quest to survive in their fight against Mogadishu in Somalia. It basically teaches you about the struggle of making difficult choices, and how these choices affect everyone around you – as well as the power of organization in the enemy camps.

Final thoughts

Watching a survival show on Netflix and gathering tips from it can seem strange, as many of the situations are hypothetical. However, you might end up facing variation of them, and it is important to know what to do when it arises – which is why these shows exist.


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