World War Water Review – For Water From Thin Air!

World War Water

Whoever said water is life, truly captured water’s core importance in everything we are and everything we do. Can you imagine life with limited or no water?

No showering, no flushing of toilets, no cleaning, no cooking – gosh, I shudder to even think it. That’s why when someone said they can help get water from thin air, I stopped and listened. What actually drew me to World War Water was the thought that I can bring down my water bill, and still enjoy all my water-filled activity. Besides, I am sure that of the safety of the water I generate this way. Who doesn’t like freebies – especially when they have such healthy benefits? I chose not to miss out on the opportunity.


Why World War Water could benefit you

I must admit the story behind this clever invention may sound like a cock and bull one, but that doesn’t stop the invention from being solid and innovative. In a nutshell, the inventor envisions the next world war being sparked by water – or its lack thereof. That is the reasoning behind the unique name of the program.

Now to what it really is. World War Water is a program designed to help you build a portable water generator or H2O dynamo as it is called. The biggest benefit of this invention is that the water you generate is free of impurities, thus very healthy for you and your family. It is also available to you anytime at no cost at all, after setup.


Water is life!

Who came up with World War Water

John Gilmore is a wilderness survival expert. He writes for survival guide website – Survivopedia. Guided by his extensive knowledge of life in the wild, and a dose of fear of impending global drought, John embarked on a mission of finding portable water sources that would not rely on the conventional water bodies like rivers and wells. He refined a technique employed by the Israeli Army – making water from moisture. This saw him come up with a more affordable variation, and the coming about of World War Water.

What is World War Water?

This is an ebook, e-instructions or program that guides you in making a portable water source, dubbed the H2O dynamo. This process should not be confused with desalinization or even filtering of water from conventional sources. It actually involves capturing the water in the air (moisture). This makes you self-reliant in terms of water. The world war water brings you 3 major benefits:

  • Step by step video tutorials and instructions on the construction of the H2O dynamo
  • Since we are surrounded by plenty of water from conventional sources full of impurities, the guide also takes you through methods of filtering this water so that it is safe for consumption.
  • The guide also equips on obtaining, making safe and storing rain water for future use.

The H2O dynamo is able to provide you with up to 10 gallons of water in a day, yet it costs you a paltry $49 to set up. This cost may increase soon.

What other features make World War Water stand out?

  • It is easy to set up and use. The instructions on building the generator are easy to follow. The video tutorials provide a maximum learning experience. In addition, there is also an email assistance program, in case you run into problems with setting up.
  • The dynamo leaves you assured of cleaner, safer water, free of impurities or chemicals used to purify the water.
  • Incase water becomes scarce for whatever reason, you are way ahead in the survival for the fittest competition.
  • The generator is a cost-cutting investment. Once you have purchased the instructions and set up the generator, you will enjoy free, readily available water.

Water from the air!


  • Is to follow construction instructions
  • It is cheap
  • You can increase the generator’s storage capacity
  • Safe drinking water
  • 60-day full money back guarantee


  • The set up of the generator is a tad technical and time consuming.
  • It is only available in digital form
  • Basic instruction for building a water generator can be found online for free .


This is an amazing invention that enables you to tap into nature’s vast and secret reservoir. The generator provides you and your family safe drinking water, thereby improving the whole family’s health status. Check out the World War Water and decide for yourself.



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